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Winning is a Matter of Mindset: Just Start

The Slayed and Favored Master Class has officially kicked off. I feel like my first class has been successful. We discussed the things that hold us back from starting are anxiety and fear. Anxiety is rooted in fear and anxiety is a liar. Anxiety is the thing that tells you you’re not good enough, that what you want to do requires perfection to start. Those are lies and you no longer have to believe it. Give your self permission to start give your self permission to fail. Failure is in the blueprint to success. Once you learn to fail forward and lear from your mistakes you will grow. The two major lessons I’ve learned from make is trust the process and never give up.

We are going to continue the conversation on Sunday 01/24/2021. I’m excited to introduce our special Guest Jennifer Trotter. I was first introduced to Jennifer while on a panel discussion with a mutual friend. Her practical approach on mindset winning and overcoming inspired me. I knew she would be a perfect fit for this months subject. If you want to join the conversation please join us: register for the Makeup Master Class.

Jennifer Trotter

A  Single Lifestyle enthusiast, conversationalist and gospel sharer are a few titles that describe the dynamics of Jennifer Trotter.  As a rising inspirational voice, Jennifer has dedicated her life's service to Jesus Christ and the empowerment of women and singles everywhere. Born and raised in the DMV area (DC/MD/VA) , Jennifer is a graduate of Morgan State University where she received a B.A in sociology. Her collegiate experience uncovered her passion for human service and social competence.

  Jennifer is known to initiate honest conversations about Christian Singleness and women empowerment.  She is founder of Single, Saved and Social, Jennifer is committed to curating atmospheres for modern Christian singles and creating platforms for Christian singles to express themselves with biblical margins.


      Jennifer also serves as the Director of Ministry Engagement for Wives In Waiting INC. Wives In Waiting is a place where women can grow vulnerably in God. In this ministry , Jennifer provides strategies to expand the ministry’s digital footprint and deepen membership engagement.

  Additionally, Jennifer serves as a Director of Singles for the Young Leaders Conference, a conference that engages Young Leaders in media , ministry and the market place.

Jennifer beloved that her journey with God is a testament to the fact that God keeps His promises! It is her prayer and vow to serve people , love God  and Win Souls for Jesus Christ.

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