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The Perfect Eyebrows Life Hack

Hello my name is Jordan and I am the founder of a makeup artist company Sacramento MUA (Makeup Artist) AKA Slayed and favored. In this blog I will give you tips to create the perfect eyebrows.

If you have thin eyebrows and need to fill them in you will find this blog useful. If you struggle with getting your eyebrows to look the same then you need to keep reading. I will show you in this blog how to create the perfect brow that will frame your beautiful face.

Lets talk about tools first you will need something to fill in your brows. with. I suggest a mechanical brow pencil. you will need a spooly and a flat concealer brush.

Our face is symmetric I will show you how to measure your brows so they are perfect every time.

Step one . hold the pinnacle vertically at the tip of your nose place you first mark to indicate the start of your brow.

Step two. Hold your pencil diagonal from your nose across the pupil of your eye and mark the highest part of your arch.

Step Three. Hold your pencil diagnal from the tip of your nose the the outer corner of your eye, mark the end of your eyebrow.

Connect the Bottom of point one to point two, connect point two to point three. this creates the shape of your brow, Fill in your brow to you liking, Use concealer and concealer brush to clean up under your brow.

I hope you found these tips useful please post a picture of your work in Sacramento MUA app. or on social media and Tag #ScramentoMUA #sacmuafreeclass.

If you missed the live Face Book class click here.

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