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Level Up 2021

Thank you so much for signing up to get more info about this free Master Class. The response has been overwhelming. I’m encouraged to meet the challenge. The Master Class is a 6month guided course designed to push you out of your comfort zone.

I’m thrilled to share this free Makeup Master Course with you. Level up 2021 Master Makeup course presented by Slayed and Favored will launch Sunday Jan 10 The time of day is still TBD.

I am to looking forward to what 2021 will bring with great anticipation. We have survived the CORONA virus losses and the whole world has stop functioning in its normal manner . We are blessed to be here and we have a purpose to fulfill.

The kick off course will be via FB Live and then the remainder of the courses will be via private link. I will be selecting 5 to 10 Women to personally mentor this first round. I wish I would mentor everyone but I want to be able to give whom ever I work with my best . All participants will be selected via FB Live on the January tenth so be sure to join the live.

Don’t worry if you happen not to be selected there will be opportunity for you to be apart of my group coaching sessions. That will be packed full of valuable information from both me and the mentees. Hopefully, I can add everyone that did not get a chance this time to the future round of one on one coaching.

It is important that I personally connect and keep in touch with you please send me your IG , FB business page (if you have one) YouTube Twitter TicTok or anything else you think I may have forgotten. (links only. example: vs. @slayedandfavored)

I’ll be reviewing your social media pages to see if you will be a good fit for one on one mentoring. All Mentoring is absolutely FREE. I hope you will be one of the ones selected.

Don’t forget to reply with your social media links.

You can connect with me on all social media @ Slayedandfavored

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