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Color Theory

Color Theory

The purpose of this blog is to help you understand how colors work together and how they compliment each other as it relates to Makeup. Keep in mine this is a very broad overview my back ground is color in fashion. There are so many other nuances when dealing with color and skin. I’ll post a link a little later for a more in depth study.

Let’s start with light and shadows . Below is a illustration I drew using light and shadows to make the object appear 3D. The same happens When contour the face we use neutral colors to create light and shadow. Light makes the space larger or bings it closer to us dark makes the space smaller moves it away from us.

Primary Colors & Secondary Colors

Primary colors are Red Yellow and Blue. Secondary colors are what to get when you mix any two variation of the primary colors.

Complimentary Colors

Complimentary Colors are opposite each other on the color Wheel.For example blue and orange yellow and purple red and green. I bet as you read each of those color pairs you could think of a logo that Incorporates those color pairs.

Blending Color

When blending eye shadow looks you can use the color wheel to determine what colors to use and what colors to place next to each other. Remember when blending to over lap the that you cannot tell where one color ends and one begins.

There is so much more information in regards to color and skin. Don’t stop here check out this amazing article I found. Makeup Color Theory

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