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Special Event: My Services

Master Class

This class is for Makeup Artist & Make up influencers who are interested in monetizing their skills. We will review how to get more clients even during a recession. How to look for vendors to start a selling products, and content creation. 2023 is our year and we are going to build.  I cannot guarantee you will make 1k in one day. But I will show you how to make money and turn your skills in to a business. Sign up today.

Special Event: Services




I love contributing something extra to clients whenever they need it. When you come to me for my services, I know you are looking for something special — and I deliver just that. For every occasion, I use high quality and long lasting makeup that will truly leave you glowing with radiance. Contact me today and get the look you've always wanted.



Looking for something bold and beautiful? Whether you want to simply enhance your beauty or capture a different side of yourself, I can make it happen. We’ll discuss your dream look and in minutes it’ll come to life. My job is to make you look brilliant for those everyday moments that turn into forever memories.



Right now is the perfect time for a beauty makeover. After a session with me, you will leave feeling better, fresher, renewed, and even more attractive. I use color theory and other advanced techniques in order to give each person the look that fits them the best. Come in so I can give you a unique look that matches your style.


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